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Elevate Your Landscaping and Gardening

with the first natural form bamboo tool line


Bamboo has a Janka Wood Hardness rating higher than oak and a Tensile Strength higher than steel.

It's ultra lightweight. And it's fiber structure allows it to flex under stress, not permanently bend or break.



Bamboo is an effective substitute for wood, plastic, and paper products, preventing the harvest of 350 million acres of hardwood worldwide, and replacing 14,000 tons of plastics. Yearly.

Bamboo matures 7x faster than oak, and doesn't have to be replanted from seed every year. So Grovali tools connect you with the natural world in more ways than one.


Grovali tools highlight the powerful and elegant look of natural bamboo. Even the texture against bare hands make our tools a distinctive experience 


Cultivating Transformation

Send your rusty, old, broken handled tools to the Grovali workshop, and let us transform them into one-of-a-kind custom bamboo piece. You can donate your tools. We'll pick them up, free of charge. Or for a flat early adopter fee of $120, we'll customize a tool and send it back to you, along with a second tool for free.

The process



Grovali uses the highest grade construction bamboo species: Phyllostachys Bambusoides, Phyllostachys Meyeri, and Phyllostachys Edulis

bamboo curing.jpeg


We use a zero waste, non-toxic curing solution based with Borax salt. This takes a raw pole that lasts 2 years and turns it into a cured pole that lasts 20.



All our tools are handmade. And for our first wave of production, we're focusing on high quality restored tool heads.

You can also participate in our Tool Bamboozling campaign by sending us your old tools for us to transform!


The Featured Set

Buy the Grovali Shovel, Rake, and Lopper Shears for $168 instead of $206

Our guarantee

We get it. Bamboo tools are new. So Grovali guarantees our quality.

Unlike any other tool company, we'll replace your handle for free if your handle breaks during regular use within the first 5 years.

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